Turbocharge your Growth with AI
at superb fuel efficiency

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You demand Growth
in Revenue & Profit

Before, you asked staff to work smarter, harder.

AI Robots – TMP & TSP

Personalized Communications Expert
genuine accuracy. cost efficiency.

Robot TMP

The Customer Relations Representative that knows (1) what to recommend, and (2) who would be interested.
Result: upselling & cross-selling made easy

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Robot TSP

The LEAFLET DISTRIBUTOR that knows where to stand and who the right recipient is.

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Responsive design

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Underlying Methodology

Auto-tagging on Customers’ Profile

So that AI knows who’s going to be the next one interested 

NLP for Products (Natural Language Processing)

to match your products’ features with the right audience

Product-Customer (P-C) Relationship

Buying Behavioral Patterns Tagged, automatically analyzed and retargeted with AI

Product-Interest (P-I) Relationship

Capitalizing on the big data provided by FB, your products are being accurately positioned to match the interests of the right audience during ads placement

To Tag and Analyze People. Why?

TSP and TMP are set to spot those who have yet bought your product, figure out whose interests may be higher, and communicate with them accordingly : To speed up selling cycle and cleaning out any inventory and applicalbe to New Products as well.

In reality, how does TSP work?

Segmenting a given copyrighting

Upon completion of segmenting, AI spots the right audience for the product while eliminating insiginificant descriptions

AI pre-selects the most appropriate AdWords and the FB audience bearing most relevant tags. Customers may go with default selection or pick & choose on their own.

Low CPC leads to Traffic & Growth

TSP specializes in CPC Reduction thru our prized methodology. In the competition to gain potential customers’ traffic to online or offline stores with fixed marketing budget, those who enjoy lowest CPC win. With low CPC, you’ll be able to acquire more clicks, equivalent to more leads. This ensures your high return on investment (ROI).

TSP fees – simple & fixed

Exclusive Media
NT$ 0.05/impression

Portal for classical music

Portal for TV drama

NT$ 0.05/impression

TSP conducts analysis of ads’ copyrighting and renders suggestions on the right audience to see the ads

NT$ 0.05/impression

TSP conducts analysis of ads’ copyrighting and renders suggestions on the right audience to see the ads

Google Ads
NT$ 0.05/impression

TSP helps increase your ROI through handpicking accurate keywords from your ads copyrighting with AI